ARC East Africa Weekly Chronology 20-26 April 2022

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Update for the week 20-26 Apr 2022

Africa Risk Consulting monitors events around the region and provides users of the EAA website with this weekly summary.

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26 Apr 2022 Kigali (Rwanda) AfDB. African Development Bank approves two loans amounting to $180m to co-finance a major energy project that will extend electricity access to rural areas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Rwanda;

26 Apr 2022 (East Africa) The East African. East African Business Council raises concerns that variations in tax policies are distorting prices and frustrating intra-East African Community (EAC) trade and investment;

26 Apr 2022 Kinshasa (DRC) The East African. The African Union and the United Nations back an East African Community initiative to bring peace to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, boosting chances for a local solution to the conflict;

26 Apr 2022 Maputo (Mozambique) The East African. President Filipe Nyusi set to travel to Uganda on 27 April for a three-day official visit aimed at strengthening and deepening relations between the two countries;

25 Apr 2022 Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Reuters. Spokesperson for Tigrayan forces says they are completely withdrawing from the neighbouring region of Afar, in the hope that desperately needed food aid could finally pour into famine-hit Tigray;

25 Apr 2022 Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) The East African. National Bank of Ethiopia (central bank) drafts Bill to allow foreign investors to offer mobile money services, clearing the way for Kenya-based Safaricom to introduce its popular M-Pesa in the market of 110 million people;

25 Apr 2022 Aluto-Langano (Ethiopia) ESI Africa. Kenya-based electricity producer KenGen completes drilling of geothermal wells in Ethiopia, four at the Aluto-Langano site and three at Tule Moye;

25 Apr 2022 Kampala (Uganda) Reuters. Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame visits his Ugandancounterpart, Yoweri Museveni, near Ugandan capital Kampala, in what is seen as a sign of improving ties after several years of trading accusations over spying and supporting dissidents;

25 Apr 2022 Bujumbura (Burundi) Egypt Today.Egypt and Burundi discuss ways of fostering cooperation between the two countries in the field of communications and information technology;

23 Apr 2022 Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) The Citizen. Tanzania and the United States (US) sign seven agreements worth 11.7 trillion Tanzanian shillings ($5.04 billion) for business projects set to be implemented in Tanzania by US investors and companies;

22 Apr 2022 Nairobi (Kenya) Daily Nation. Former president Mwai Kibaki, who led Kenya from December 2002 to April 2013, dies aged 90;

21 Apr 2022 Kinshasa (DRC) Africanews. Kenyan government announces that it will host a meeting between rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the DRC government, Uganda,Burundi and Rwanda in Kinshasa;

21 Apr 2022 Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Reuters. Addis Ababa-based Reuters reporters say Ethiopianscontinue to line up outside the Embassy of the Russian Federation amid social media rumours of a $2,000 payment to join Russia’s fight against Ukraineand the possibility of work in Russia after the war, but queues have dwindled;

20 Apr 2022 Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) The East African. Ethiopian government says it welcomes the statement issued by the Russian embassy in Addis Ababa refuting the “unfounded” reports of the recruitment of Ethiopians to join the Russian Armed Forces;

20 Apr 2022 Antananarivo (Madagascar) AA. World Bank grants Madagascar $415m in funding for post-cyclone recovery projects.

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