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Rwanda Update. December 2023

Rwanda continues to be politically stable with an economy that is outperforming many of its neighbours.  However, inflationary pressures continue, although, it does seem to be subsiding.

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Rwanda Update. October 2023

It is now apparent that President Paul Kagame will once again vie for the Presidency in 2024, which, at least, from the perspective of Rwandans, is welcome.  It will be important, should he be re-elected, for the President to set out a succession plan.  On the economic front, Rwanda continues to perform well and there appear to be several opportunities for investors.

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Rwanda Update. September 2023

Rwanda remains politically stable.  Its economy is growing at a faster pace than others in the region and indeed Sub-Saharan Africa.  It continues to face inflationary pressures but these are believed to be on a downward trend.

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Rwanda Update. July 2023

No changes on the political front although an election is due in 2024.  Economically, Rwanda continues to perform well, but does seem to be facing some headwinds at the moment.

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Rwanda Update. June 2023

Politically Rwanda remains stable, and its economy is growing.  However, inflationary pressures are creating a cost-of-living issue which the Government is handling but has a long way to go.

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Rwanda Update. Apr 2023

It appears that Presidential succession is now being discussed in a politically stable environment.  The Government is introducing tax reforms to ease the burden of taxation.  Inflation continues to be high but the economy is performing with good growth.

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Rwanda Update. Mar 2023

No changes on the political front.  The economy is performing well but inflationary pressures are becoming an issue that have resulted in increased interest rates.

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Rwanda Update. Jan 2023

Politically the country remains stable with elections set to be held in 2024.  Tensions with the DRC are increasing which could impact regional stability.  The economy, particularly the service sector, is growing well but inflationary pressures are an issue.

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Rwanda Update. Dec 2022

Rwanda continues to be politically stable, and its economy remains resilient.  However, inflationary pressures are taking a toll on poverty in the country.

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Rwanda update January 2022

The country is showing a rebound after the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus is under control and a large part of the population has been vaccinated.

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Rwanda Update Sept 2021

Covid-19 lockdowns are being eased and economic activity is showing signs of recovery. Politically the country remains stable.

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Rwanda Update October 2021

Politically, Rwanda remains, stable but the country’s actions towards perceived “enemies” of the state is drawing global criticism.

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Rwanda Update November 2021

Politically Rwanda remains stable with a marked reduction in Covid infections and a high vaccine roll-out which is fuelling an impressive economic recovery.

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Rwanda Update June 2021

Covid-19 is being brought under control but availability of vaccines could become an issue. The economy is expected to pick up in 2021 and politically the country remains largely stable.

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Rwanda Update July 2021

Rising Covid infections are a concern and likely to impact economic growth. Nonetheless, the country remains largely stable on the political front.

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Rwanda Update March 2021

The sudden surge in Covid-19 cases in January seems to be coming under control. The political scene is largely stable. The economy has gone into recession and faces an uphill struggle to get back to its pre-Covid position.

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Rwanda Update April 2021

Politically Rwanda remains largely stable and while Covid-19 cases surged in the early months of 2021, Government measures seem to have brought this under control. The economy was showing signs of recovery but the recent lock down may have reversed some of the gains.

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January 2020 Newsletter- Rwanda

RWANDA POLITICS Although he has his critics, when Paul Kagame became Rwanda’s president in 2000, he inherited a country that had been torn apart by genocide.  To rebuild it he had to rely on mostly uneducated guerrilla fighters and a handful of ill-trained cadres.  Even the most optimistic of analysts doubted his chances and one

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