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Ethiopia Update November 2021

The future of the Tigray conflict is entirely dependent on concessions being made by both sides to allow talks to open up.

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Ethiopia update January 2022

After 18 months of conflict, the new year has seen the first hopeful signs of a diplomatic process to solve the Tigray crisis, with steps towards National Dialogue.

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Ethiopia Update September 2021

The Tigray conflict appears to be escalating and spreading to other parts of the country, threatening a deteriorating security situation more broadly in the country.

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Uganda Update October 2021

There appears to be an increasing push towards new leadership with opposition parties joining forces.

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Rwanda Update November 2021

Politically Rwanda remains stable with a marked reduction in Covid infections and a high vaccine roll-out which is fuelling an impressive economic recovery.

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Commentary: Business opportunities and risks in East Africa June 2021

EAA CEO Toby Latta talks to Tara O’Connor of Africa Risk Consulting about opportunities and risks in the region

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Ethiopia Update June 2021

Covid-19 infections have shown a significant downturn during May 2021. Elections are due to be held later this month which, if not peaceful, may set the country back. Ethiopia continues to open up to foreign investors.

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Commentary: Opportunities and Risks in the region, Members’ Survey July 2021

The EAA analyses the results of its Members survey on the opportunities and risks in the region

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Ethiopia Update July 2021

An unsettled period lies ahead, with the ongoing conflict and an election yet to be completed. All in all, the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary mandate will be important for economic growth going forward.

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