About Us

The Eastern Africa Association is the leading business organisation for corporations and investors in Eastern Africa. Our aim is to bring together companies active in the region, helping to promote and support long term, sustainable trade and investment. Founded almost 60 years ago, we draw on this experience to be an authoritative and invaluable source of information and guide to our members. We are a not-for-profit organisation, funded by members’ subscriptions, and are independent and entirely apolitical.

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Membership Benefits

We are a membership organisation, uniquely covering the whole Eastern Africa region. Members benefit from:
√ Information and insights on developments and trends in the region
√ Access to decision-makers, experienced observers and advisors and other members of the Association, through networking meetings and our platform
√ Support and advice on entering and operating in Eastern Africa

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Our Network

The Eastern Africa Association has built a membership network of more than 250 international companies, including those originating in the region. Mostly our members invest and operate in more than one country in East Africa and individuals who are part of the network are senior executives based both at HQ level and on the ground. Membership provides access to our services and to other members, and to our wider network of contacts and sources.

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