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EAA Business Briefing Ethiopia

The Eastern African Association (EAA), in collaboration with the Ethiopia Embassy, London and Ethiopia Investment Commission (EIC), organised a hybrid business roundtable to brief UK investors on Ethiopia’s Economic and Political Reforms. This report provides an overview of the event’s discussion on the significant reforms implemented by the Ethiopian federal government to attract international investment and strengthen its economic and political systems.

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Ethiopia Update November 2021

The future of the Tigray conflict is entirely dependent on concessions being made by both sides to allow talks to open up.

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Ethiopia update January 2022

After 18 months of conflict, the new year has seen the first hopeful signs of a diplomatic process to solve the Tigray crisis, with steps towards National Dialogue.

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Ethiopia Update September 2021

The Tigray conflict appears to be escalating and spreading to other parts of the country, threatening a deteriorating security situation more broadly in the country.

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Ethiopia Update October 2021

A new Government is in place and the inclusion of three opposition members in the Cabinet is positive.

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Ethiopia Update April 2021

Ethiopia is faced with a number of challenges over the next few months that could well derail what had previously been quite a positive development prospect for the country. It is unlikely that the Government will be able to draw a line under the Tigray conflict, the elections are likely to be sub-optimal

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Ethiopia Update June 2021

Covid-19 infections have shown a significant downturn during May 2021. Elections are due to be held later this month which, if not peaceful, may set the country back. Ethiopia continues to open up to foreign investors.

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Ethiopia Update July 2021

An unsettled period lies ahead, with the ongoing conflict and an election yet to be completed. All in all, the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary mandate will be important for economic growth going forward.

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Ethiopia update March 2021

The Covid-19 numbers are increasing and perhaps being fuelled by the civil unrest. Politically the country, while firmly under the control of the Central Government, is somewhat unstable and is likely to be so till the elections are held. 2021 will be a difficult year economically for the country.

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Ethiopia update January 2021

Unrest is threatening Ethiopia’s gains, but the government remains upbeat about the economy

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January 2020 Newsletter – Ethiopia

ETHIOPIA POLITICS He arrived with a great fanfare, bringing hope and optimism to a country that was riven with deep divides, civil unrest and soured relations with neighbouring countries. Initially, PM Abiy devoted his attention to regional matters, securing a peace deal with Eritrea, which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize, and cementing diplomatic ties

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Eastern Africa Members’ Survey on Business Climate, risks & opportunities

Toby Latta, CEO, Eastern Africa Association, shared members’ views that were received from a survey on the business climate, risks and opportunities in the region at the July global meeting of members’ (28th July 2021). EAA Members Survey opportunities and risks (1)

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