The Eastern Africa Association is a membership organisation for companies, from all around the world, with interests in Eastern Africa. There is an annual membership fee to join our network of members. Individual employees of our member companies gain access to decision-makers, experienced observers and advisors, brought together by the EAA during its 60 years of operating in the region. And they benefit from a wide range of networking events, seminars, information and insights on developments and trends in the region.



The Eastern Africa Association helps its members with:

√ Unbiased information and insights on developments and trends, grounded in the real-life experience of living and working in this diverse, complex region.

√ Access to a network of decision-makers, experienced observers, advisors and other members of the Association, through networking meetings and our platform

√ Support and advice on entering and operating in Eastern Africa, helping to navigate these sometimes unfamiliar and complex environments.

Details of membership benefits are as follows:


  • Access and network with a community of more than 250 companies who are EAA members, active in the region, to learn and share views
  • Engage with decision-makers, leaders from business, government and politics, and experts on regional dynamics and corporate issues
  • Tap into seasoned private sector advisors and consultancies providing with years of experience in the region, who are also EAA members
  • Gain privileged access to our Partner organisations Invest Africa, EBCAM, Africa Risk Consulting and others


  • Receive our authoritative, regular newsletter which contains well-researched and sourced regional intelligence, based on a wide network of contacts and 60 plus years experience in the region
  • Access a platform of publications containing analysis and opinions on key political, economic, industry and regulatory topics of critical regional importance
  • Learn about valuable government resources that support investment, both in countries of origin and destination market
  • Connect with private sector advisors and consultancies providing information and advice in specialist area

Meetings and Events

  • Join our program of events, both real and virtual, on topics of interest and value to members active in the region
  • Gain insights and intelligence on political and economic events, business and sector developments
  • Hear views of EAA’s panels of experts and of our members themselves
  • Engage and discuss with decision-makers, industry leaders, government and regional experts
  • Gain privileged access to events offered by our partner Invest Africa

Communication and Representation

  • EAA’s advocates for positive change in Eastern African markets, acting as a two-way channel of communication for our member with host authorities, wherever possible, on matters of communal interest and concern to business in the region
  • Communicate candidly with Members on issues relating to ease of doing business, regulation and investment in the region
  • Access decision-makers through our open networking forum to communicate freely on matters of opportunity and concern



  • Access support from the EAA, its network or other member companies when making decisions about entering or expanding in target markets
  • Identify members who provide consultancy and advice, from amongst world-leading organisations with extensive experience in the region
  • Join trade and investment missions to destination countries for new entrants to those markets, to discover opportunity, meet potential partners and government and regulatory officials

Membership Levels

The EAA offers different levels of membership depending on the size of the organisation, the number of countries it works in across the region and how many representatives have membership login to receive information, access to the network and other services.

Our aim is to be flexible so that small start-ups and big established organisations are equally able to benefit from membership. We also offer strategic membership to those who wish to use the organisation and the platform to host meetings and promote themselves on our website.

Members gain privileged access to events and selected services of our Partners, notably Invest Africa, with whom we have a strategic partnership agreement. Contact us here to find out more about membership, benefits and fees

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