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Uganda Update. April 2022

There are no significant developments on the political front, while concerns over human rights and the potential for further sanctions remain.  Covid-19 appears to be well under control.  The economy is recovering but at a slower pace than originally anticipated.

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Commentary: Democratic Republic of Congo Jan 2022

On 23rd November 2021, the Ministers responsible for East African Community (EAC) Affairs recommended to Member State Leaders the entry of the DRC into the economic block. Our commentary sets out some background on this vast country and what opportunities lie in store for investors.

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Uganda update January 2022

Uganda remains in the same place politically with no viable opposition. The economy is slowly recovering and the reopening in January 2022 should help this.

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Rwanda update January 2022

The country is showing a rebound after the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus is under control and a large part of the population has been vaccinated.

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Kenya Update October 2021

Covid-19 cases are declining and the vaccination programme is well underway. Politically there is some uncertainty around the 2022 election and the succession.

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Ethiopia Update October 2021

A new Government is in place and the inclusion of three opposition members in the Cabinet is positive.

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Rwanda Update November 2021

Politically Rwanda remains stable with a marked reduction in Covid infections and a high vaccine roll-out which is fuelling an impressive economic recovery.

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Burundi, South Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia update April 2021

Updates from Burundi, South Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia

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Commentary: Business opportunities and risks in East Africa June 2021

EAA CEO Toby Latta talks to Tara O’Connor of Africa Risk Consulting about opportunities and risks in the region

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Uganda Update June 2021

On the political front there are growing concerns that the opposition is being supressed with heavy handed tactics and the world is taking note of this. Economically, a good start to 2021 is being impeded by a surge in Covid-19 cases.

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Ethiopia Update June 2021

Covid-19 infections have shown a significant downturn during May 2021. Elections are due to be held later this month which, if not peaceful, may set the country back. Ethiopia continues to open up to foreign investors.

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Commentary: Opportunities and Risks in the region, Members’ Survey July 2021

The EAA analyses the results of its Members survey on the opportunities and risks in the region

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Uganda Update July 2021

Covid-19 infections are showing a significant rise in June which resulted in the country’s second lockdown which is due to come to an end in July. The economy, while showing signs of recovery in the early part of the year, has slowed down again. Politically there has been little or no change since the election.

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Kenya update April 2021

Political uncertainty predicted for the next 18 months until the elections, while the economy shows signs of recovering from the pandemic decline

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Uganda Update April 2021

The economy is almost certain to continue in a weak and fragile state as long as Covid and the necessary restrictions to control it nationally and internationally remain in place. Politically no great change can be expected in the wake of Presidential elections

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Rwanda Update April 2021

Politically Rwanda remains largely stable and while Covid-19 cases surged in the early months of 2021, Government measures seem to have brought this under control. The economy was showing signs of recovery but the recent lock down may have reversed some of the gains.

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Kenya update January 2021

Political uncertainty but likely economic recovery as Kenya goes in to 2021

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Eastern Africa Members’ Survey on Business Climate, risks & opportunities

Toby Latta, CEO, Eastern Africa Association, shared members’ views that were received from a survey on the business climate, risks and opportunities in the region at the July global meeting of members’ (28th July 2021). EAA Members Survey opportunities and risks (1)

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