East Africa outlook 2024: Navigating regional prospects amidst global uncertainties – January 25, 2024

25th January, 2024

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Annually, the Eastern Africa Association hosts its regional prospects series, providing a thorough analysis of key sectors, sharing experiences and expert insights into the political and economic factors influencing business in the region. The forum is an important program in EAA’s event’s calendar, presenting a clear view of potential risks and opportunities for the region.


Dates: 25th January 2024

Time : 12.30 PM to 2.00 PM

Venue: Confirmed upon registration.


2023 has been challenging for both local and international businesses in the region; instability in countries like Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia, Climate change challenges which contributed to food scarcity and severe floods. Sovereign debt issues in countries including Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti further strained economies, disrupting business operations. External factors such as global conflicts and economic instability, especially in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, and Israel, introduced a series of unexpected events affecting both the local and global business climates.

Looking forward, what can we expect in 2024? How is your business preparing up to handle potential risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities?

We invite you to join our insightful discussions with leading regional experts who will address the following topics:

Discussion points:

Regional Economic performance and 2024 outlook: Speakers will analyse the region’s economic performance in the previous year and explore projections and growth opportunities for 2024, focusing on key economic sectors.

Global uncertainties and resilience strategies: Discussions will review the effects of global uncertainties, climate change, and regional conflicts in the region, looking at resilience strategies and lessons for the future.

Regional geopolitics and impact on Cross-Border Trade and Investment: Speakers will look back and provide updates on regional geopolitical events, including Somalia’s integration into the East Africa community. Understand the implications for business, regional cohesion, and diplomacy. Examine cross-border trade and investment opportunities and challenges, and their significance for regional advancement.

 Climate Change and adaptation: The Eastern Africa region is on the front lines of the climate crisis, enduring some of the harshest impacts of climate change. The region has faced a relentless onslaught of climate-related disasters, from crippling droughts to destructive El Niño weather patterns. These events have not only threatened the environment but also the very foundation of regional economies, particularly in agriculture. Here speakers discuss innovative solutions that businesses can implement to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. This includes investing in sustainable practices and technologies that reduce environmental footprints.

Political stability, governance, and business resilience: Speakers will explore the importance of political stability, governance, and effective debt management in drawing investments. Gain insights on how businesses can remain resilience amidst political volatility and economic adversity.

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