Inaugural Annual Lecture: Leveraging Digital and Trade Finance to accelerate AfCFTA 6th June 2023

6th June, 2023

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The annual lecture by the Eastern Africa Association will discuss the importance of digital and trade finance in cross border trade.

The event will take place on the 6th of June 2023, STARTING  AT 1.00 PM (Networking Lunch and Registrations followed the annual lecture and response from 2.30 pm to 5.00 PM

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Indicative data from the recent study by the UN’s economic Commission for Africa (UNECA),which investigated the digital and trade finance gap confirmed that, trade finance access despite notable technology advancement is a critical barrier for businesses, particularly SMEs in cross border trade.

Whilst digitalization has contributed positively to the supply and access of trade finance, studies confirm that most SMEs are likely to be excluded from digital finance as they lack the resources and tools required for digital finance; this implies that SMEs in Africa face double financial exclusion, Trade Finance exclusion and Digital Finance exclusion.

Given the size of SMEs in Africa (over 90 %) this exclusion from the financial system presents a challenge and a unique opportunity for the supply side to tap into this underserved sector, and for policy makers to intervene to address market failures that lead to market imperfections and inefficiencies.

The lecture will provide valuable insights on innovation around trade finance, insights to address market failures and opportunities for policy intervention, the impact of digital finance, and cross-border payment platforms, and provide an environment for businesses to network, share best practices, and forge business relations.


Eastern Africa Association (EAA)

The association was founded in 1964 in Kenya and the United Kingdom to support Private sector development, in years to follow, the association established regional presence with representative offices in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia. EAA’s membership is drawn from some of the very well-established businesses in the region representing all sectors of the economy.

The members benefit from the high-profile network the association provides, thought leadership and insights on business development, guidance on high standards of operation and stakeholder management.

From our UK office, the association works closely with regional Governments through their embassies and High Commissions in the UK and Europe to encourage investments in the East Africa. We regularly host quality and topical workshops, seminars, conferences, and trainings providing market insights, regular updates on regulatory space and political and economic outlook for each of the countries we represent.

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