Scaling Africa’s Climate Finance Opportunities: The Strategic Role of International Financial Centres (IFCs)”13th October 2023 – 12.30PM – 2.00 PM

13th October, 2023

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Drawing inspiration from the recent outcomes of the Africa Climate Finance Summit 2023 held in Nairobi in September, the Eastern Africa Association in partnership with the Economic Development Board -Mauritius, are delighted to curate an engaging roundtable : Scaling Africa’s Climate Finance Opportunities: The Strategic Role of International Financial Centres (IFCs)”  

As the world strengthens its commitment to countering climate change, one pressing concern is the accessibility of climate finance, particularly for the African continent.   

This is where International Financial Centres (IFCs) find themselves in a potentially transformative role. They possess the capability and the platform to craft climate finance mechanisms tailored for both the public and private sectors of Africa.

This will be on the 13th October 2023 – 12.30pm 2.00pm on the margins of AFSIC 2023

We are honoured to have the Honourable Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance, Mauritius to grace the occasion. He will commence the event by providing insightful opening remarks to frame our conversation.

Following this, we will delve into a stimulating panel discussion that will cover the subsequent pivotal topics:

Realizing Climate finance access for Africa: Looking at the real-world barriers that hinder climate finance accessibility for Africa and map out actionable steps inspired by successful models discussed at the Africa Climate Finance Summit.

IFCs at the forefront of change: Given the evolving financial landscape, it’s critical to evaluate how International Financial Centres can truly spearhead a revolution in green investments, especially tailored to the African context. What makes them the potential game-changers?  Perspectives from Mauritius IFC

Harnessing the power of collaboration: Delving deeper into public-private partnerships, we’ll explore practical strategies to amplify their efficacy. How can these partnerships be the linchpin to channelling climate finance into transformative projects in Africa?

Navigating the Climate investment terrain: Every investment comes with its set of challenges and opportunities. We will discuss the dynamics of climate investments, ensuring we prioritize both resilience and sustainability, while maximizing returns.

We look forward to having you with us as we delve into these pertinent issues, shaping the future of climate finance in Africa. Your insights and perspectives will be invaluable.


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