Location: Kenya

The Association would like to thank the membership for their continued support, the diplomatic... Read More
Kenya Update. June 2024
Politically things seem confused with rifts in both the Ruling Party and the Opposition. ... Read More
This is a commentary and comments are welcome by email to info@eaa.co.ke Read More
Kenya Update. April 2024
Politically the landscape has not changed.  On the economic front, while macroeconomic growth indicates... Read More
Commentary: 2024- MAKE OR BREAK
The United Nations Foundation points to 5 global issues that will shape 2024: crises... Read More
Kenya Update. March 2024
The possible exit of Opposition Leader, Raila Odinga, from active Kenyan politics could leave... Read More
Eastern Africa is set to experience a landscape of modest economic recovery characterised by... Read More
Kenya Update. January 2024
The current regime appears to be at loggerheads with its neighbours, the Judiciary and... Read More
Kenya Update. December 2023
Politically the country seems to have lost direction as policy makers are creating untold... Read More
Kenya Update. October 2023
Politically the country is waiting for the outcome of the National Dialogue.  Economically, Kenya... Read More
Kenya Update. September 2023
t is a relief, to see that at least the agenda for the bipartisan... Read More
Kenya Update. July 2023
Kenya is facing political turmoil with the Opposition ramping up demonstrations that are now... Read More
Kenya Update. June 2023
Politically the country continues to be unsettled with the Opposition constantly threatening demonstrations and... Read More
Kenya Update. Apr 2023
Political instability brought about by the demonstrations organised by the Opposition has left considerable... Read More
Kenya Update. Mar 2023
Politically things look confused as the new Government sets its policies. The Opposition... Read More
Kenya Update. Jan 2023
The Opposition appear to be on the war path threatening to hold rallies around... Read More
Kenya Update. Dec 2022
The new Government is starting to keep some of its campaign promises but not... Read More
Kenya Update. Oct 2022
The new Government has taken over and seems to be making all the right... Read More
Commentary: Developments in use of Cryptocurrencies
The use and acceptance of cryptocurrencies In Africa is becoming more and more prevalent,... Read More
Kenya’s Presidential Election – Seminar
On August 9, 2022, Kenyans will cast their ballots for a new president, members... Read More
Kenya Update. June 2022
Smooth elections will be critical to Kenya and IEBC will have to step up... Read More
ARC East Africa Weekly Chronology

1 – 7 June 2022
Africa Risk Consulting monitors events around the region and provides users of the EAA... Read More
ARC East Africa Weekly Chronology

25 – 31 May 2022
Africa Risk Consulting monitors events around the region and provides users of the EAA... Read More
ARC East Africa Weekly Chronology

4th – 10th May 2022
Africa Risk Consulting monitors events around the region and provides users of the EAA... Read More
ARC East Africa Weekly Chronology 20-26 April 2022
Update for the week 20-26 Apr 2022

Africa Risk Consulting monitors events around the region... Read More
Legal Update from ALN: A Dynamic Shift in Bankers’ Duty of Care
A recent Court of Appeal decision in the UK highlights the increasing obligations on... Read More
Risks and Opportunities in East Africa: view of an investor
Kihara Maina, CEO, I & M Bank Kenya gave a  presentation on Investment in... Read More
EAC Customs Union and non-tariff barriers: Hadi Sheikh
Hadi Sheikh, Director & Partner, Westminster Consulting gave a presentation on the East African... Read More
Investment Landscape in East African markets. IM Burbidge Capital
Gauri Gupta, Director IM Burbidge Capital Limited, gave a presentation at the January 2022... Read More
Data protection law in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia
Daniel Mwathe, Brian Kalule, and Joshua Mwamulima of Bowmans Law gave a presentation on... Read More
Kenya update January 2022
As the general election nears, there is concern of disruptions and the impact that... Read More
Kenya Update March 2022
Economically the country is recovering well but the upward trend could reverse if there... Read More
Kenya Update Sept 2021
An election in 2022 is creating some uncertainty, particularly as regards succession. Read More
Kenya Update October 2021
Covid-19 cases are declining and the vaccination programme is well underway. Politically there... Read More
Kenya Update November 2021
Political uncertainty could make the next twelve months difficult although the economy is showing... Read More
Kenya update July 2021
Covid-19 cases are on the rise and the country appears to be heading into... Read More
Uganda Update July 2021
Covid-19 infections are showing a significant rise in June which resulted in the country’s... Read More
Kenya Update June 2021
Political stability is becoming a concern and the economy is struggling with the impact... Read More
Uganda Update June 2021
On the political front there are growing concerns that the opposition is being supressed... Read More
Kenya update January 2021
Political uncertainty but likely economic recovery as Kenya goes in to 2021 Read More
Kenya update March 2021
The country may be headed to a third wave of the pandemic. Politically... Read More
Kenya update April 2021
Political uncertainty predicted for the next 18 months until the elections, while the economy... Read More
Eastern Africa Members’ Survey on Business Climate, risks & opportunities
Toby Latta, CEO, Eastern Africa Association, shared members’ views that were received from a... Read More